Maps & Directions

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map EBMS - Ellensburg Morgan Middle School, 400 E 1st Ave., Ellensburg 98926

Ellensburg Morgan Middle School -- Take the 1st Ellensburg exit, follow Main Street to Capitol, turn right.
School is about ½ mile on the left.

map EBHS - Ellensburg High School, 1300 E. 3rd, Ellensburg, 98926
Continue past the Middle School to the High School, about 9 blocks.

White Swan
map Mt. Adams Middle School, 551 Signal Peak Rd, White Swan  98952


map KITHS - Kittitas High School, North Pierce Street, 98934

From I-90, take exit 115 into Kittitas.  At stop sign off freeway, go north (which becomes Main Street).  Continue through downtown Kittitas.  Turn left at Patrick Avenue.  Go one block and turn right on Pierce Street.  You will see Jim Johnson Memorial Court (old Kittitas High School Gym) on your left.


map Roosevelt Elementary, 120 N 16th Ave. , Yakima, Wa 98902

map Gilbert Elementary, 4400 Douglas Dr. , Yakima, 98908

map Terrace Heights Elementary School, 101 N 41st St, Yakima, WA 98901

map WIL - Wilson Middle School, 902 S. 44th Ave, Yakima, 98908

Turn left, park in parking lot on right or left behind school on 7th. 900 S. 44th Avenue. Take Nob Hill Blvd to 44th Avenue, turn right, go to the end of the block.

map WASH - Washington Middle School, 510 S 9th St Yakima, WA 98901
9th Street and East Maple. Take Yakima Avenue exit, go to 7th. Street, turn left, continue south until you see school.

map FRA - Franklin Middle School, 410 South 19th Ave, Yakima, 98902
Tieton Drive and 20th Avenue. Park on the corner of 20th Avenue. The entrance is on the northeast corner near the track.

map DAL/DAU - Davis High School Upper & Lower, 212 South 6th Ave, Yakima, 98902
Yakima Ave West to 7th Ave., go left 4 blocks to school on the right

map L C - Lewis & Clark Middle School Old/New, 1114 W. Pierce, Yakima, 98902
12th Avenue and Pierce Avenue. Take Washington Avenue to 12th Avenue, go right Gym is on the right side of the school.

map IKE - Eisenhower High School, 702 South 40th Ave, Yakima, 98908
Corner of 40th Ave and Tieton Ave.

map St. Paul’s School 1214 W. Chestnut Yakima, WA 98902

map West Valley Freshman Campus, 9206 Zier Road, Yakima, WA 98908

map TIE - Tieton Middle School, 711 Franklin Road, Tieton 98947

Go past Highland High School several miles to stop sign near the fire station. Go left to next stop sign. School is on the left.
map HHS - Highland High School, 17000 Summitview Rd, Cowiche 98923
From Yakima, Take Summitview Ave to Cowiche, go past city Center 1/2 mile school is on the left.

map WVMS - West Valley Middle School, 1500 S 75th Ave, Yakima, Wa 98908

Take Nob Hill Blvd to 72 nd Avenue, turn left. Go to Zier Rd. Turn right, go up hill ¼ mile. West Valley Junior High and West Valley Middle Schools are on the right side.

map WVHSA/M - West Valley High School Auxiliary/Main, 9206 Zier Road, Yakima, 98908

Same directions as above but continue past Middle School another ¾ mile to school on the left side of the road.

map WVJH West Valley Junior High School (next to WVMS), 7505 Zier Road, Yakima 98908

map COT - Cottonwood Elementary, 1041 S 96th Ave, Yakima, 98908
Tieton Ave out to 96th Ave, go left, School on the left.


map NHS - Naches Valley High School 101 W 5th St, Naches, WA

     Directions: From Yakima take Hwy 12 to Naches, at traffic light take Rt on Canal, follow Canal which turns onto
Naches Ave. Follow Naches Ave up the Hill to High School
map NMS - Naches Valley Middle School, 32 Shafer Ave, Naches 98937

Hwy 12, take first right turn coming into town just before Lariat Hamburger place, school on left side of road.

map SJH - Selah Junior High School (Old SMS), 411 N. 1st Street, Selah, 98942

Take I-82 North to Selah, go past fourth light school on Rt

map SIS - Selah Intermediate School, 1401 W Freemont Ave, Selah 98942
Take I-82 North to Selah, go to the fourth light on Freemont Ave, Go left, straight up the hill ¾ mile, new school on the Left.

map LIN - Lince Elementary, 316 West Naches, Selah 98942
At the 3rd light go left for three blocks, school is on the left.

map SHS - Selah High School, 801 North 1st Street, Selah, 98942
Pass the Junior High on the right ¼ mile.

map EVC - East Valley Central, 2010 Beaudry Rd, Yakima, 98901

Take Highway 24 exit, go left past K-Mart, continue east about 4 miles to the stoplight. Turn left on Beaudry Road. About ½ mile up the road, EVC is the 1 st school on the left, EVHS is the 2nd school on the left, EVI is the 1st school on the right.

map EVE - East Valley Elementary School, 1951 Beaudry Rd, Yakima, 98901

map EVHS - East Valley High School (2 Gyms), 1900 Beaudry Rd, Yakima, 98901
Across the road from EVI.

map U G - Union Gap Middle School, 3200 South 2nd St, Union Gap 98903

Exit #38 from the South, Exit #36 from the North 2 nd Street and Ahtanum in Union Gap.

map Adams Elementary School - 1101 S Camas Ave, Wapato  Wa  98951
mapCamas Elementary – 1002 S. Camas Ave
map PACE - Pace Alternative School, 310 S. Wasco, Wapato, 98951

Follow I-82 south, take exit #37. Follow road for 8 miles until 1 st light, go left to C-L Auto Repair, take a right. Go 3 blocks.

map WMS - Wapato Middle School, 1200 Camas Ave, Wapato, 98951
I-82 south, take exit 37, follow road for 9 miles to 2nd light into Wapato, turn left, follow road to Wapato Middle School sign, go right to school.
mapWHS Wapato High School 1002 Wasco Ave, Wapato, Wa 98951
From Yakima take Hwy 97 to 2nd light in Wapato, (pass the high school athletic fields) Go left on S. Camas Ave to East 9th Street, go to S. Wasco Ave, Turn Left, go to High School on left.

map TMS - Toppenish Middle School, 104 Goldendale Ave, Toppenish, 98948

I-82, south take exit #50, go rt for 2 ½ mile into town, School is on the left side of the road.

map THS - Toppenish High School, 141 Ward Road, Toppenish, 98948

I-82 south take exit #50, go to the edge of town, turn Rt on McDonald Road, cross railroad tracks go to Ward Rd, Turn Left school on the Left ¾ mile.

map Valley View Elementary - 515 Zillah Ave, Toppenish, 98948

Take I-82 to the Zillah Exit, (McDonalds Located here) Go towards Toppenish. First Ave as you enter Toppenish is Lincoln Ave, Turn right, Go to "F" Street and Turn right.  Go to end of Street, school is in front of you.

map ZIS - Zillah Intermediate School, 303 2nd Ave, Zillah, Wa 98953

I-82 south 18 miles, take exit #52, go left to Zillah for 1 mile. Schools on the left side one block.

map ZHS - Zillah High School, 1602 2nd Ave, Zillah, 98953
I-82 South 19 miles take exit #54, go left to 2 nd Street, go rt School is on the right

map GRAMS - Granger Middle School/Elementary - 405 Bailey Ave, Granger, WA

I-82 south, take Granger exit #58, go right 100 feet, turn right, go ½ Mile into Granger. Roosevelt Elementary on the right.

map GRAHS - Granger High School - 315 Mentzer Ave Granger, WA
Go past Granger Middle School and take the first right, school is straight ahead.

map SSSJ - Sunnyside St. Joseph Elementary, 907 S. 6th Street, Sunnyside, Washington, 98944

I-82, exit 67 from Yakima
map SSC - Sunnyside Christian MS/Elementary, 811 North Ave, Sunnyside, 98944
I-82 south take ext #63, follow road to Sunnyside, go to second light, go left one block to North Ave., go right. School is on the right side, gym is in the back.
map SSL - Sunnyside Washington/Lincoln Elementary, 1110 S 6th Street, Sunnyside, 98944
I-82, exit 67 from Yakima or Tri Cities go east to 6 th Street Go left go 1 block gym behind Administration Building on the right side.
map SSHAR - Sunnyside Harrison Middle School, 16th and Harrison, Sunnyside 98944
I-82, exit 67 from Yakima, go left to light, go right on Lincoln Ave to 16 th street, Go three blocks, middle school is on the right side.
map SSHS Sunnyside High School (2 gyms), 1601 Edison Ave, Sunnyside, Wa 98944
School is next to Football Field and Harrison Middle School.
mapSierra Vista Middle School – 916 N. 16th Street, Sunnyside

map MABM - Mabton High School Main Gym, MABA - Mabton High School Auxiliary, 500 E. 'B' Street,       Mabton, 98935

I-82 exit 67 from Yakima, from off ramp go right 1/4 mile to Alexander Road, go left to Stop Sign, go right on Mabton-Sunnyside Road, go into town, take left on "B" Street to High School.


map GME - Grandview McClure Elementary, 811 W 2nd St Grandview, WA 98930

For Yakima or Tri Cities take the North exit off of I-82 go left on Yakima Valley Hwy to Euclid Road, go right follow to West 2nd Street, School is two story building on the left corner.

map GMS - Grandview Middle School, 1401 W 2nd Street, Grandview, Wa 98930

Second exit from the Tri Cities Exit 73, go left into town, turn right at Euclid Ave, take a right at the next light. 2nd Avenue, across from high school football field, look for light poles.
map GHS - Grandview High School, 1601 W 5th Street, Grandview, Wa 98930
For Yakima or Tri Cities take the North exit off of I-82 go left on Yakima Valley Hwy to Euclid Road, go right follow to West 5th Street, go right to High School on the right.


map PROMS NEW - Prosser Houser Middle School Auxiliary, 2001 Highland Dr, Prosser, Wa. 99350

Off the exit go to Mabton Rd ¼ Mile, go ¼ Mile turn right on Highland Street, gym at the end of the first block on the left.
map PHS - Prosser High School, 1203 Prosser Ave, Prosser, Wa 99350
Off the exit go to Mabton Rd ¼ Mile, go ¼ Mile turn right on Highland Street, gym at the end of the first block on the left.

KIONA BENTON: (Benton City)
mapKBMS - Kiona Benton Middle School, 913 Horne Drive, Benton City, 99320

Take Benton City exit #96, go across river, follow the road 1.5 miles. 1st school on the left.

mapKBHS - Kiona Benton High School, 1205 Horne Drive, Benton City, 99320

map  Tri-Cities Prep, 9612 St. Thomas Drive, Pasco, Wa 99301

         From Yakima take exit 7 off I-82, the Broadmoor Ave exit. Take a right on Rd 100
          and the next left to High School which is visible from Rd 100.

map St. Pat’s - St. Patrick’s School, 1016 N. 14th Ave, Pasco, 99301

map STEV - Stevens Middle School, 1120 N. 22nd Ave, Pasco, 99301

Go ½ mile past the middle school -- on the left.

map McLoughlin Middle School, 2803 Road 88, Pasco, Wa

map Liberty Christian School , 2200 Williams Blvd. Richland, WA 99352

map CJMS - Chief Joseph Middle School, 504 Wilson Street, Richland, 99352
From Interstate 182 hwy 12, Take George Washington Way North, to Van Gissen left turn to Jauwin Ave, go right, School is on the left 1 or 2 blocks.
map CMS - Carmichael Middle School, 620 Thayer, Richland Wa 99352
Take Interstate 182 to the crossroads of 240, get on Thayer Drive, School is on the right side.
map COJ - Richland Cathedral of Joy, 1153 Gage Blvd Richland, WA 99352
From I82 take exit 3 (Queens gate Drive, go south ½ mile to stop sign, Turn left on Keene Road go to traffic signal 2 ½ miles, turn right on Gage Boulevard and continue up hill to Cathedral of Joy ½ mile on left.

map CUPC - Central United Protestant Church, 1124 Stevens Drive, Richland 99352

    Take the Same directions to Life Christian but: after you take a left hand turn
     onto Williams Ave. Go to Stevens, take a left and Central United Protestant Church
     is on the left side. Christ the King is across the street.

map BURMS - Burbank High School, 700 Maple Street, Burbank 99323

map BURMS - Burbank Middle School, 835 Maple St Burbank, WA 99323

Take Hwy 12, Pasco to Walla Walla Road, take Maple Steet toward Columbia River, school is on the left

map BL - Bethlehem Lutheran, 1409 S Garfield, Kennewick 99337

From Kennewick High School, take Garfield Street to 14th Ave, near Park Middle School.

map - Kamiakin High School, 600 North Arthur, Kennewick, Wa 99336

map - Kennewick High School - 500 S Dayton St Kennewick, WA 99336-5640


map - Mattawa Middle School, 502 N. Boundary, Mattawa  99349
NOTE - Yahoo map is incorrect for our Mattawa school. We are on the said street, but in the other direction.

map - The Warehouse, 800 N. Hamilton St. Spokane, WA 99202
I-90 to the Hamilton Street Exit ­ Go North on Hamilton past Trent Avenue and past the Centennial Trail. The blue structure on the right of the street is The Warehouse. There are parking lots on the North and South ends of the building. Enter gyms on the East end of the building. (Across from Gonzaga University)